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Making Ukuleles

Making a ukulele involves a multitude of tasks.  These include:

  • selecting the proper woods for the back, and sides taking info account their vibrational properties and the look they will achieve
  • selecting the best quality tone wood for the  top 
  • resawing the back sides and top to an appropriate thickness for surface sanding
  • sanding the major componets of the body to appropriate thickness
  • selecting the wood for the neck and cutting it to the right size for the model of ukulele, baritone, tenor, concert and soprano
  • Building the forms
  • Cutting the rosette channel and gluing the rosette in place
  • Preparing the top and gluing the top sides and neck
  • Cutting and shaping the Neck
  • Installing the Head Stock inlay and Tuner holes
  • Binding the top and back
  • Cutting fret slots and adding fret wire
  • Making and installing the Bridge and Nut
  • Sanding, sanding, sanding and more sanding
  • Finishing with multiple coats of oil based finish
  • Stringing the instrument with high quality nylon strings
  • Adjusting the nut and bridge for proper intonation and action

Some views of the process

Early Assembly

Inserting the Kerfing

Making Binding Grooves

The Shop:

Some of the Details

Side/Binding Bending Jig